Judy Walker

Judy moved to the Terrace area (Jack Pine Flats) in 1991. Since raising their own food and animals was very important to the family, forested areas were cleared for ever-expanding garden plots (fruit, vegetables, and herbs, culinary and medicinal) and animal pens. Gardening has always been a big part of Judy’s life, with beginnings as a child on her parents’ hobby farm. She worked as an RN for a short time before staying at home and raising children. She has felt very grateful to have been a school and community volunteer wherever she has lived. Gardening was her forte and she used it well in many gardens over the years which only added to her knowledge of the subject. After staying at home for close to 30 years, she returned to work mainly serving children in schools, teaching them to garden, to make simple herbal preparations, to bake and cook, and in turn, to bake and cook for them for a period of six years, supplementing the nutritious food with school-grown garden produce. With the help of others, Judy Walker’s Garden Guide was produced for your education. In retirement, she is willing to continue that education. She has been teaching gardening related workshops with Anna Silva since 2017.

Cameron Bell

In the fertile soils of the Skeena River Valley, Farmer Cam grows vegetables at Hidden Acres Farm and Treehouse Resort. Established in the spring of 2019, Farmer Cam’s Foods produces nutritious microgreens, fresh greens and salad mix, and flavourful herbs, roots, and fruiting crops. Owner and Farm Manager Cameron Bell has been growing microgreens for over two years, and enjoys sharing knowledge and enthusiasm about fresh foods with customers and gardeners.
Originally drawn to Northern BC by mountains, snow, and skiing, Cameron completed an Environmental Studies degree at UNBC and spent two years in local government and economic development before committing to a career in agriculture. He has worked with farms, social enterprises, and urban agriculture consulting firms in BC and his home province of Ontario, and returned to the northwest in 2018

Vicky Serafini

Vicky is the owner and operator of Thimbleberry Farm, located in Terrace, BC. The farm is managed by Vicky, along with her husband Chris. The farm’s operations include a market garden, pastured poultry, rabbit meat, and laying hens. Vicky has received a Certificate in Specialization in Organic Agriculture from Dalhousie University, and building on this educational foundation, has learned farming through continual self-teaching and hands-on experience. Thimbleberry Farm is a small-scale, no-till farm, where just under 30 varieties of crops are grown without the use of a tractor. Fertility is built on the farm through mulching, composting, and raising animals in conjunction with growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Thimbleberry Farm does not employ the use of chemicals to protect crops, but rather attempts to create a balanced agro-ecological system that encourages both plants and animals to thrive. She takes great pride in proving her community with nutritious, locally produced food.

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