Green Skills is an educational initiative. We offer workshops, discussions, and tours in gardening/farming methods, plants and crops (culinary, medicinal, annuals and perennials), harvesting, storing and anything else plant related from seed to plate. Based in Terrace, B.C. our intention is to share local knowledge as much as possible, accessing external knowledge to complement and improve our methods.
We would love to see more people growing their own food and using methods that do not harm Mother Earth.
We are here to help our community to connect like-minded people, increase food security and be more sustainable.

Who is behind Green Skills

Anna Silva has a biology and master degree in environmental chemistry. In 2020 she finished her Organic Master Gardener Program from Gaia College. She is also a PRESERVESafe Trainer. During her professional path, she has travelled in many areas of the science/social world. She moved to the Northwest B.C. from Brazil in 2013. As a volunteer, she was introduced to the local organic gardening methods having Judy Walker as her main teacher. Quickly she was hooked and since then has been gardening with the community and teaching with Judy. She is a small-town lover that believes through education and community involvement, Terrace can grow stronger and she is here to contribute and grow from this relationship. She likes to diversify her activities. Beside her work with plants, you can find her teaching Brazilian dance, helping with cultural events, doing reflexology, hiking, cross country skiing or anything else that sounds fun!

Would like to share some of your knowledge? Let’s build something together.

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